Acute rhinitis (6 months old)

(Symptoms and diagnosis)
The client has been suffering from a stuffy nose for a fortnight. She also has a tendency to scratch her ears, which can lead to otitis media.

(Treatment and progress)
The client had a reaction in the front of the head, between the eyebrows and on the back, which was treated to reduce the reaction. 3 days later, the nasal congestion and ear scratching had disappeared.

​Hay fever(Adult)

The first treatment was very effective. The symptoms disappeared after just one treatment.

Asthma(4 years old)

A client whose symptoms were always controlled with steroid inhalers.
After two months of weekly treatment, her severe asthma has almost disappeared.

Atopic Dermatitis(Child under 10)

She was born with atopic dermatitis. Various treatments, including steroids, did not help.
The client's parents are also very active in the treatment of the disease, taking care of his diet.

Treatment is once a week. After about one year of visits, the symptoms improved. Treatment continued with further intervals.

Back Pain (Adult)

Cliant has had back pain for a fortnight and has had other treatments but it still hurts.
The middle part of the client's lower back was painful when he bent and turned.
The pain went away when I touched the client's liver point.

Cold lower body (Adult)

A female client with cold feet and coldness around the sacrum.
Hand healing is used to touch the sacral area and observe the flow of blood.
After about 10 minutes, her feet warmed up to the tips of her toes.

Knee pain after sports(Adult)

Client who forced himself to play sports for several days
She can't bend her left knee and it hurts when she goes down the stairs
On examination, there was an abnormality in the muscles related to the stomach, so we treated the stomach and the tension and swelling in the knee muscles went down.
After the first treatment he recovered 80%.